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Wheaton truck with rope tied to front
Indy Truck Pull rolls across finish line

WHEATON WORLD WIDE MOVING PUT IN THE WORK FOR OCT. 6 EVENT Alongside hosting dozens of interstate agents for Wheaton… Continue reading

Kevin Miller shakes hands with Ron Borkowski
Kevin Miller joins the Wheaton team

Everyone at Wheaton is excited to welcome Kevin Miller to the team! Kevin Miller started working at the van line… Continue reading

Nine Common Moving Scams and How to Avoid Them 

Moving is an extremely stressful life event—the last thing you need is to deal with moving scams! The experts at… Continue reading

How to Stay Organized During Your Move

How to Stay Organized During Your Move Moving can be chaotic, making it hard to keep everything organized. Maintaining order… Continue reading

The Cheapest Way to Move Cross-Country

Did you just get that new, exciting job offer cross country? Or are you just wanting to pick up and… Continue reading

How to Avoid Getting Sick During Your Move

Staying healthy is always the goal but staying healthy during a move is even more important. Who wants to pause… Continue reading

Parent and child sing in the kitchen using spoons as microphones.
A New Homeowner’s Guide to Cooking During a Household Move: Easy Food to Make at Home

If you’re about to move or have just recently moved, it can be difficult to to think about something as… Continue reading

Top 10 US Metro Areas to Move to in 2022

There’s something for everyone when you live in the city, right? The possibilities are endless! There is always something to… Continue reading

Graphic of leafy footprints between a green building and a green house with wind turbines and a blue sky.
How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint During Your Move

Last year, 27.1 million Americans moved. The vast majority of those moves were anywhere from a 50 to 2,000 mile… Continue reading

Where to Move to in 2022

Summer is here! For the moving industry, the few months that school is out are the busiest few months of… Continue reading