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Three girl friends unpacking box's in new home smiling to camera
Tips for Planning and Executing a Last-Minute Move

For some people, the process of packing up and moving involves detailed lists, contingency plans, and months of planning. Unfortunately,… Continue reading

couple holding moving boxes
Large to Small: Downsizing to Prepare for a Move

Many people face a time when relocating also means making a new home in a much smaller space. You might… Continue reading

green moving
Go Green: Methods to Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly

In your day-to-day life, you make an effort to reduce your household’s impact on the local and global environment. You… Continue reading

house in the winter
3 Hot Tips for Cold-Weather Moves

Winter isn’t the most popular season for moving, due to both weather concerns and the interruptions of the holidays. However,… Continue reading

A Guide to Preventing Injury During Your Move
A Guide to Preventing Injury During Your Move

Moving doesn’t have to hurt. It might be painful to see the financial cost, it might be hard to leave… Continue reading

A Guide for Moving to an Urban Area
From Small Town to Big City: A Guide for Moving to an Urban Area

If you’ve been living and loving the rural lifestyle in small-town America, moving to an urban area can seem daunting…. Continue reading

4 Tips to Make a Holiday Move Easier on Your Children
4 Tips to Make a Holiday Move Easier on Your Children

Is your relocation scheduled to occur over the holidays? Make the season more festive and merry for children when you… Continue reading

Paint and Paintbrush
7 Tips to Maintain Creative Flow When Moving Your Studio

Whether you express yourself with paint, elaborate costumes or handmade greeting cards, having a studio in your home can provide… Continue reading

packing a box with tape
6 Tips to Pack Your Garage, Workshop, or Garden Shed for Moving Day

As you plan your packing activities, think “outside the living space” to include the contents of your garage, workshop, and… Continue reading

Family with Moving Boxes
8 Items Commonly Forgotten When Moving

Moving out of one home and into another is a complex process that can tax even the sharpest of memories…. Continue reading