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wheaton worker packing
The Past, Present, and Future of Moving Your Kitchen to a New Home

Unless you have an unlimited eat-out budget, you still have to cook while you’re in the midst of planning and… Continue reading

wheaton worker packing books
6 Tips for Packing Music, Movies, and More

Some of the most challenging items to prepare for any move are your large collections, whether those collections consist of… Continue reading

Three girl friends unpacking box's in new home smiling to camera
Moving? 3 Things Your Friends Can Help You With and 3 Things They Can’t

If you’re planning on moving, you have a lot on your plate, and you can’t do it all alone. Your… Continue reading

family unpacking moving boxes together
The Home Stretch: Unpack with a Plan

You planned, packed, ran last minute errands, and journeyed for a long time. When you eventually arrive at your new… Continue reading

Packing frame
Pack Your Artwork Like A Professional

You’ve packed up almost all of your belongings for your upcoming move, but you don’t know how to transport valuable… Continue reading

green moving
How to Make Your Move More Sustainable

When you move to a new home, you try to pack and travel efficiently. But even smart moving practices can… Continue reading

mirror pack
How to Prepare Your Paintings for a Move

As an aspiring artist or a long-time professional painter, you take great care to ensure each piece looks its best…. Continue reading

couple moving boxes together
Organizing Your Media Collection after a Move

Moving to a new home presents the perfect opportunity to organize your media collection(s). Media comes in many forms: books,… Continue reading

woman holding box of items at a garage sale
Packing for your Move: Eliminating the Clutter

No one wants to make packing or unpacking more unpleasant than it already is, but many people make this mistake… Continue reading

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Kill Two Birds with One Stone: 3 TED Talks to Listen to While Packing

Whether you’re neck deep in Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett’s love affair, you’ve just reached the most interesting argument in… Continue reading