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woman packing for a move with Wheaton moving boxes
Packing for a Move | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave the items in my dresser drawers? Yes, you can leave clothing in your dresser drawers if your… Continue reading

man packing moving box
Packing for Your Move 101

Wheaton works with only the finest moving supplies and packing materials, giving you added security in the knowledge that you’ve… Continue reading

couple moving
Leave the Packing to Us

Packing. It’s time-consuming and often overwhelming. But, with the proper planning and approach to packing, you can get moving in… Continue reading

New Home Inventory Site: iKeepm

Keeping a home inventory is an important but difficult task. Lucky for you, there is a new website that makes… Continue reading

How to Purge Your Pantry Before the Move

Your household move is fast approaching, but your pantry looks as if you just returned from the grocery store. What… Continue reading

The Better the Packing, the Better the Moving

Professional packing is an added expense, but it often pays for itself in convenience and safety. We have the expertise… Continue reading

Clothing Closet Organizing Checklist | Real Simple

Clothing Closet Organizing Checklist | Real Simple. So you put your home on the market. Your home could sell tomorrow,… Continue reading

Cleaning Out the Clutter

When life is on the go, it can be hard to keep things in line. Our minds are constantly thinking… Continue reading

Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

Steps you should take on preparing your home for a hurricane: Know Your Risk Know the risks that are associated… Continue reading

How to Pack: Major Appliances

Many appliances require servicing, disconnecting and preparation before moving. Upon request, your Wheaton agent will gladly schedule a third-party to… Continue reading